Fairlight Global - simple solutions to all your problems.

About Us

Fairlight Global brings together all our projects and ventures under one roof. From our humble beginings in 2004 we have expanded into various markets and industries. Today we range from a consultancy firm, software and design house, marketing agency to a logistics service provider. We create and manage websites, offer design services, provide marketing assistance, produce mobile and desktop applications, distribute products and represent brands. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and are routinely venturing into new markets.

Most importantly we provide simple solutions to all your problems. If you have an idea we are certain we can find you the most suitable solution in every aspect be it cost, time or features.

Launched DoseofGood.com

Dose of Good provides inspirational, heartwarming, tear jerking, hope giving, thought provoking and at times humorous stories, quotes, pictures and videos to make people feel good and smile. Visit Dose Of Good for your daily dose of good.