What we've been up to.

We started out developing websites and later ventured into the mobile apps & media industry, creating mobile and desktop applications and media. Founded as Imran Technologies back in 2004 we've developed our fair share of mobile and desktop apps. Now, to better serve our valued customers and consolidate all our products and brands we've brought Imran Technologeies (now Simply Simple Soft) under the Fairlight Global umbrella.

With Fairlight Global we are venturing into new markets. We are opening our very own brick and mortar stores. A clothing line is in the works. We are continuously on the look out for new ventures so we can cater to all our customers' needs and become even more global.

Online Shopping Mall

VMall.pk Logo VMall.pk (Under Redevelopment) is essentially an ecommerce platform which allows sellers or service providers to open a fully branded online store in a virtual shopping mall and sell thier products/services to end customers. Similar to an actual shopping mall VMall.pk comprises of many stores offering various items and services for sale or display. VMall.pk is truly a revolution for online shopping in Pakistan.


Vmag LogoVmag is a free general interest/lifestly magazine available online (Print Discontinued). Launched in January 2014, Vmag offers something for everyone. Vmag also provides various services to its clients such as ad design, product/flyer distribution and marketing consultation.

Software Development/Design House

Simply Simple Soft LogoSimply Simple Soft (S3) solves problems, its that simple. Whether its a logo or ad design for an advertiser in Vmag or a massive organisation in need of a custom solution to solve thier business needs S3 can help. Drop us a line and we'll be happy to find you a solution. Oh and we know the website needs more work, a lot more work. We'll get to it one day if we ever have some time to spare from being awesome.

Social Network

Aquarium Enthusiast Logo Aquarium Enthusiast is a social media platform for Aquqrium and Fish hobbyists from around the globe. The community has been designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and provide a healthy learning opportunity. On AquariumEnthusiast.com users can chat, take part in a discussion forum, share pictures, videos and comments while maintaining thier very own blogs.

Domain Name Service

Hundred Dollar Domains Logo Hundred Dollar Domains was established to offer quality domain names at affordable prices. Over the years we've been lucky enough to come up with some great ideas and subsequently gotten great domain names to go along with them. However as time only permits so much we decided to pass off these qulity names to others who would give them the love and care they deserve! HDD offers domains priced at either $100, $200 or $300 (USD).

Technology Blog/Reviews

Techno Banana Logo Techno Banana is a technology blog and review website catering to tech and science enthusiasts around the globe. We back unique projects and offer indepth reviews and comparisons. Techno Banana features all the latest and greatest cool stuff that we all want to own.

Social/Moral Website

Dose of Good Logo Dose of Good provides inspirational, heartwarming, tear jerking, hope giving, thought provoking and at times humorous stories, quotes, pictures and videos to make people feel good and smile. Dedicated to providing a daily dose of good!

Other Web Properties/Projects/Domains

Stock Market Flash Games
Game Room Forum
Keyboard Bash (keyboardbash.com)
Mani's Market (manismarket.com)
Only TD (onlytd.com)
Yet Another Arcade (yetanotherarcade.com) (Sold)
Champ Arcade (champarcade.com) (Sold)
Bust A Movie (bustamovie.com)
Deal Mamoo (dealmamoo.com)
Wasted Today (wastedtoday.com)
Give Awayer (giveawayer.com)
Deal Chacha (dealchacha.com)
Awesome Hardware (awesomehardware.com)
Play Fun Free Games Online (playfunfreegamesonline.com) (Sold)

We've got lots more domains but we dont list them here because we want to keep all the awesomeness under wraps. You may have wound up here from a domain redirect, if you are interested in it drop us a line, we would love to have someone else develop it to its full potential.

Intrested in distributing your products in Pakistan

We are always looking for great brands to distribute througout Pakistan. If you feel like you need more information, let us know. We can help!